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Jun. 5th, 2008

{stock}  fairy tale castle

Small friends cut

I've cut a few people from my friends list recently. I apologize for that, but I felt my flist was a bit too large. So, I'd appreciate it if you removed me, thank you.

Feb. 29th, 2008

{stock}  fairy tale castle

Friends cut!

Sorry, but I cut some people because I am desperate to get my friends list to a smaller size. Don't take it personally, but it was something I had to do. But it was nice chatting with you!

So please remove me from your list.

Jul. 4th, 2007

{stock}  fairy tale castle

(no subject)

I'm a very casual Medieval Baebes fan, and I don't pay attention to lineup changes within the group...but Katherine Blake is the only original memember left now? That seriously sucks...what's going on in that group? O_O

Jun. 25th, 2007

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(no subject)

Oh Jesus...I really hope what's on wwe.com is a work.

If it is, WWE are assholes. >__<

I feel sick...

ETA: Latest forum rumors regarding Benoit and family's death is that APD is investigating the situation as a murder..

NO! HE'S NOT DEAD! Bloody hell, no...refuse to believe it. Sis, are you checking local news sources?

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Apr. 21st, 2007

{stock}  fairy tale castle

Can the following people...

Please remove me fron their friends list? It is much appreciated.


Apr. 18th, 2007

{stock}  fairy tale castle

(no subject)

New Tori Amos, American Doll Posse, has leaked!

I must admit, I'm not the big Tori fan I once was, but I've still got a pretty big list of favorite songs (my favorite album of all by her is To Venus and Back, actually).

But this new one? I have to say, it is very, very good! Well done, Tori!

Nov. 25th, 2006

{stock}  fairy tale castle

New username! :D :D

A friend (who is totally awesome) bought me a rename token! So I've changed my name from moonbeauty to etherealshores. :D

There's not much meaning behind the name though - ethereal fits so much of the music I like, and I love the sea, so I thought I would combine the two and come up with something really pretty. :)

Mar. 21st, 2006

{stock}  fairy tale castle

Friends cut!

Could the following people please remove me frined their lists:


Thanks. :)

Mar. 7th, 2006

{stock}  fairy tale castle

(no subject)

Dear Warner Brothers,

Releasing Goblet of Fire as one cd without the extras, and putting all the extras on a 2-disc set with the movie is a stupid move. You twits! It's a total waste.

No love,

Mar. 5th, 2006

{stock}  fairy tale castle

This journal is now LOCKED

Things are changing
But nothing changes
And still, there are changes

Edit: I'm not really friending anymore, sorry. I'm happy with my friends list!

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